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Cori + Will - Engaged

The first time I met Cori to talk details, I could tell she was one of those bubbly, loving and fun people. One of the ones that I just gravitate towards, so I knew we were going to be a good match! Then when I got to meet Will, and he was laid back, easy going and super nice, I knew I had hit the jackpot with this couple! One of the things I like to do with just about anyone I photography is get to know their back story. If it's a couple or someone I'm doing portraits for. I asked Cori to share some of their story for me and I loved how this two came together as friends, and became a couple.  

"We both attended WVU in the Fall of 2009, it was my freshman year, and it was his first year there, he was a transfer student. I had gotten to class early. Had found a seat and as class was starting, this tall guy walked in with haunting blue eyes, glasses, a hoodie, jeans, and a ball cap. I thought, He's cute, so I watched him put his name on the sign in list and he sat down behind me. 

A few days later I was working in the bookstore and he came in with one of his friends, and he came into my line. I took my opportunity and said "Hi Will, how are you liking Spanish", he looked at me slightly confused but smiled and said, "It's alright". He and his friend left. Apparently as I heard later, his friend asked who I was and he said "I don't know but she's cute."

The next day, when he came in late to Spanish class he looked up before he wrote his name and found me in the room, and then took his normal seat behind me. That day the teacher called on me a few times so he heard my name. That night he must have searched the online class list because he added me on facebook. 

I started tutoring him in class, and the first day that we were set up to meet to go to the library. It was a gorgeous day outside. We were going to meet outside the Student Union, I'm 5,2 he's 6,3. I can't see over anyone's heads so I started to walk towards the library when I get a feeling I should go back and find him. I turn around, and there he is right behind me with a huge smile on his face and those gorgeous blue eyes. I knew I had fallen for him right then. 

We continued to talk, and became friends, at Christmas I asked him if he wanted to meet a friend of mine and I at the mall and go shopping if he needed help looking for his mom. He came and met us. Later I found out he took the PRT (Personal Rapid Transit-- Which is ironically named) to his car, and after had to drop his car off, and wait for the bus. This is what he would do any time he needed to go grocery shopping or anything. So any time I went to Walmart, I would ask him if he needed to go so we could just ride together and hangout. All the while I was still dating someone else.

We started dating shortly after the new term started. I had finally figured out how to end my bad relationship and that I needed to be with the right person for the right reasons. And we've been together ever since."

You can just tell from the photos that they love each other. They both can help but look happy when they are looking at one another. I was in love too, with Will's green Chevrolet that is. It's not secret that green is my favorite color, and classic trucks have a special place in my heart too. We had such a good time at their engagement session, I know the wedding we will no less wonderful.